Kids Push YouTube to a Top 3 Resource

Many have done it, especially in times when keeping children entertained has become a challenge. Passing a device to the kids to watch videos on YouTube.

Interpret LLC’s newest GameByte report has revealed a clear favorite in the video content wars among younger gamers. Across mobile, console, and PC, YouTube is one of the top-3 sources for kids to learn about new games.

YouTube has become the leading source for kids, with nearly half surveyed citing Google’s platform as a top resource. 

“When life gets too busy, many parents rely on YouTube to entertain their kids. Minecraft and Roblox videos are especially big draws for this demographic who regularly upload their own videos. YouTube’s recommendation algorithm also means kids are introduced to other games and videos based on search and browsing habits,” explained Jesse Divnich, Interpret’s VP of Research and Strategy.

“Our data was collected in February before COVID-19 struck, so it’s likely that stay-at-home orders gave YouTube yet another boost. Mobile game publishers looking to understand how kids discover games would be wise to pay attention to this trend.”

YouTube’s 30% jump since 2015 indicates that kids now value the platform just as much as recommendations from friends. By comparison, Twitch garnered just 12% among kids seeking mobile game information. 

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Interpret surveys 1,000 kids in the USA from ages 3 to 12, with their guardians/parents’ assistance, each year. For 3- to 5-year old’s, all questions are answered by their parents. Since this project began in 2015, there has been an equal split between genders. Although each year’s survey is separate, the methodology remains the same: to qualify, all participants must play games for at least one hour per week on any of the major gaming platforms.