Pregnancy is a beautiful moment, each time it happens a mother is born, along with a baby. With each of my pregnancies my development as a woman, and a birth worker is evident by the choices I have made. For example my first pregnancy with my twins, I knew veryRead More →

Since accepting my role as a birth professional, I have begun to take the subject of birth, and life even more seriously than before. Learning that the United States has THE WORST Maternal Mortality Rate in developed countries at 26% and rising which equals 700 woman dying per year, andRead More →

It’s no secret that Motherhood is a blessing, but it is definitely a lot of work. We have responsibilities inside the home and in this day and age a lot of us are business owners, philanthropist, and working mamas. One thing is certain, we know how to balance and keepRead More →

It has been a wonderful week reflecting on how having a doula has affected my most recent experience at giving birth, and celebrating World Doula week with women and men around the world who lend themselves to the support of motherhood, giving birth, postpartum support and the like. Spiltmilk hasRead More →

What?? Don’t make that face!! Though there is a running joke amongst many very busy moms about when to find the time to bathe, I OBVIOUSLY mean a BABY SHOWER…    I have had a lot on my mind over the past 9 Months, some parts of my previous pregnancy didRead More →