Women deliver babies, Not Doctors!

Since accepting my role as a birth professional, I have begun to take the subject of birth, and life even more seriously than before.

Learning that the United States has THE WORST Maternal Mortality Rate in developed countries at 26% and rising which equals 700 woman dying per year, and the number, like I said, is rising. And even less comforting is learning that Black women or People of Color and recipients of Medicaid have higher maternal mortality rates than other American women.

This data is not lost on me. I have come to realize that becoming a Doula, and Child Birth Educator could save someone’s life.

Is my life on the line?

It very well could be. We recently found out that we are expecting another baby this year, and we can’t wait to welcome the new member of our family. I’d be lying though if I told you, that my knowledge of maternal health and racial disparities don’t make me nervous. I will be hiring a Doula, but it must be someone who understands how these issues affect my family personally. I need a second set of eyes and ears.

Underdeveloped counties are having more successful births than many of the developed. United States ranks 47th in the world. 47% on an exam is not a passing grade.

Knowledge is power a protection. I know going into my Third birth that I managed to defy the odds, in both previous births. This time I have decided to take the odds by the horns.

It’s no secret that over time society has turned birthing a baby into a medical event, with all sorts of interventions that could complicate matters. Somehow we forgot that our bodies know exactly what to do when it is time to welcome the smallest member of the family.

Did you know…

If a mother never pushed at all, the baby would still be born? You can “breathe your baby out.” Woman are even capable of giving birth in a Coma.

After a lot of thought I have become more inclined to give birth in the comforts of my own home. No hospital bag, no hospital stay, no “sleeping” in a hospital bed, but my bed…. in my home. I’ve watched countless videos of women doing just this and have thought, I can do that!!

I feel a sense of responsibility towards the women that I care for and will care for in the future, to experience as much as I can first hand. I’ve given birth to twins vaginally, un medicated second birth with doula and midwife. This next journey to birth feels right. And now that I’ve said it aloud… I imagine I must do all I can to stick to it. I can’t wait to bring you along… as I reclaim control of birthing.

Have you given birth outside of a hospital? What was your experience? I need all the tips I can get. I’m spending my time studying birth from all angles. What is your suggestion?

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