Well Done Black’ish

I’m finally getting to sit down and scribble my thoughts about an episode of the television show Black’ish called, “Mother Nature.” The kids bedtime schedules leave little room for watching tv shows on an already busy Tuesday night so I had to watch it on the website. 

About the episode:

Rainbow the mother played by Traci Ellis Ross had been a few months post partum and was facing challenges that many mothers face and unfortunately all at once. 

Her Mothering Challenges were far from few with a combination of Postpartum Depression, low milk supply, lack of sleep, non-supportive mother in law, over zealous husband, exhaustion from pumping, breastfeeding miseducated relatives. 

Husband challenges: worried about his wife, feeling powerless in trying to help, not knowing the right words to say and keeping the older children calm all While being left with no choice but to check his own mother.  

I was impressed at how Dre (the husband) was proactive in suggesting and accompanying his wife to see a doctor and paying attention to the signs that something was off.  The fact that the symptoms of Postpartum Depression were shown is great for the audience to see.  Also they were successful in showing it’s ok to get help. It’s ok to get medicine, and there is medicine that is safe for breastfeeding. He sided with his wife when his own mother did the unthinkable and changed the babies diet based on the “baby is still hungry, breastmilk isn’t enough” argument- we’ve all heard it. 

 Bow stood up for herself, which I have learned some mothers are afraid to do.  We find ourselves apologizing for our choice to breastfeed at times or even allowing someone else to convince us our milk is inferior.  DeVante (the baby) was exclusively breastfed and never had formula, before the grandmother took it upon herself to “feed” him. That was it for Mom!! 

The children also took on Skin to Skin, baby wearing and baby proofing the house! 

There were so many great take always I just had to write about my observations.  

Oh! I also spied a few of my favorite brands like Medela and Baby K’tan they didn’t use the sash but I know my wrap anywhere.   

It’s so nice to see dialogue on topics pertaining to motherhood in mainstream entertainment. Especially topics that rarely get. Well done.  Educational entertainment! 

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