Toddlers and Prepping for New Baby on a Budget- It can be done! 

Life and circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. It’s important to be flexible, but it becomes increasingly difficult how much one can bend as your family grows. I know, this has become my life! My family dynamic has changed, things don’t always work out as one plans or expects. 
I’m not completely alone, I fortunately have a very supportive family, my parents are awesome. Having a supportive family doesn’t mean that I don’t shoulder all the responsibilities of raising and providing for my family. Much like some of you. We have to make decisions and with a tighter budget and there is less room for error. Depending on your outlook, this can be where it gets “fun.”  
Having 3 year old twins, and a baby on the way means I am keeping up with toddler growth spurts, special request, and entertainment plus the basic needs of growing twins. Then keeping up with my needs as my belly grows and the seasons change, while preparing for the arrival of the new munchkin!  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a lot. But.. I’m working it all out.    

Here’s how: 
Discount Stores

One of my all time favorite stores is (drumroll) the DOLLAR TREE!! 

I’m serious! Once I really had to change my shopping habits, and stretch my dollar, this store became my GO TO. I get:
Colgate toothpaste ( Both adult and kids)

Toothbrushes, both for myself and the kids, 

Nail polish

Bore hair brushes

Activity books/ coloring books

Small Toys 

Costumes for the kids to be super heroes or a little princess 

Packs of cool Socks

Cute storage items 
These items at regular retail can add up, especially with the more kids you have. (I once spent $65 at Walmart for two sets of socks two sets of toddler size undies and two new sets of pjs). THATS INSANE! 

Resale / Consignment/ Thrift Stores

I understand this may not be Everyone’s cup of tea. But Thrifting is awesome!!! I don’t mean collecting someone else’s junk. I mean gently used items that others had no use for. A lot of consignment shops have a qualifier process where they don’t just take ANY old thing. Kid to Kid resale for example has a rigorous checklist they follow down to knowing whats on recall, safety check, and they make sure things that require batteries actually work. 
I recently had a great shopping experience at my local Kid to Kid, not only was I able to purchase previously “loved” newborn items. I found an amazing bassinet/ mini crib for $50 dollars. I am definitely going back!!  Check out the website to see if there is one near you! 

(My “winnings” at Kid to Kid) you even get discounts when you bring the shopping bag back with you!!!!
Mommy Support Groups (Other Moms)
If there is anything I’ve learned, there is no greater resource than a group of experienced mothers. Mothers with experience have great tips on things like crafting, benefits of cloth diapers, and they share great sales!!!!! 
Recently I was made aware of a INSANE sale with a boutique with an online store called Levanta Bratique they recently had a $5 sale where items ranging from nursing bras, maternity dresses and coats, and baby carriers, were all priced at $5 dollars. Needless to say I was a kid in a candy store. And it will forever be on my radar! Maybe now it will be on yours too. 
These are just a few of the techniques I’m using! What are some of your budgeting tricks! I’m ready to give it a try!! 

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