The Second Time is Different

 As I type this post from all three children are in the living room with their dad. (Yes, their dad).   It’s been nice to have extra hands again.  

I can’t begin to tell you the ways that the baby stage is different.. or my mothering is different, Everything is DIFFERENT.   We already know that I am cloth diapering. I would have done this the first time if I was more educated in this area.  Cloth is one of the best choices I have made. I think that when budgeting while there are children that are not potty trained in the home, cloth is the way to go. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. And if you’re into keeping money in your pocket … or  keeping the earth clean, then really look into it.  Aside from the logical benefits, a baby walking around in cloth is way cuter that a disposable. 

Now here comes a confession: I DO NOT cloth diaper 100%. (Gasp)   I know!!! Actually since I no longer work in the home, the children are in childcare. And while there Jojo does where disposable diapers. For those of you who have not and will not cross over to cloth. Or may hybrid like me.  I purchase the ALDI brand. To send to daycare.  The price is like no other.  Little Journey does work.  And we have to do what’s best for our situation.  We do not use disposables in our home, not even at night.  

Another way I am mothering differently is I am way more relaxed.  I mean extremely relaxed.  When the twins were born, you could  NOT hold my babies.  New mom! I probably could have used the help the most with having twins.  But I think daycare has changed me where I am attached to my little ones but knowing when to share is valuable.  Recently we were having dinner as a family at Red Lobster and  my husband has me eat first and holds the baby.  Well the waitress came to me and said “Mom while you eat, I will wash my hands and hold your baby if you like.”  I gladly handed my baby over while she held Jojo standing next to me and talking while we ate and helped the twins finish their food.  (Admittedly one wrong move and I may have tackled her like the Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Line…. sorry not sorry- I said relaxed I didn’t say I’m no longer a mama bear.)

The look on my husbands face was PRICELESS and a bit of relief too. He was hungry! 
Difference Three: 

Pumping at work. Oh my..  if you work outside the home and don’t struggle with occasional guilt.  How do you do it? Now add to that the pressure to be in your seat and meetings and the need to pump!  I have been pumping for about 5 of the 6 months Jojo has been born, and I have to admit my job is accommodating.  It’s a government job so they know the laws.  So I didn’t even have to explain myself.  I use Freemie Cups and the Freemie Equality manual pump.  There hasn’t been too much trouble maintaining my supply.  While at daycare Jojo drinks 3 6oz bottles of breastmilk during the time he is away from me.  And my good friend who is also their daycare provider is a dream with support.  

I’m more care free.   

We went on a weekend trip and I threw a bunch of cloth diapers and a wet bag in the car and told the kids lets go if we need anything, we can hit up a Walmart.  I DIDNT EVEN PACK.   Granted I am the food source and we were all due for a pair of shorts or two. It was nice and freeing to walk out the house with a cloth diapers and a co sleeper and get on the road to our destination.  

I’m so comfortable in my role as mom, I’m sure I haven’t figured it ALL out, and I mess up sometimes. But I feel free …..Prov 3:5 is my motto. 

I’m thinking  about trying my hand at making baby food and freezing it….   thinking about it….. wait for it.  

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