Me vs The Graco Forever Carseat

I will start out by admitting that the need for  washing  the car seat cushions was becoming pretty critical. I’m not ashamed to say it.  ( Okay maybe a little ). You have to remember that I have twins so it’s  TWO Of everything double the crumbs and mysterious spots on the fabric that I didn’t even bother to ask my kids what happend, though being 3 they are at the stage where they are full of explanations and stories.  Beyond the obvious, however, I had zero idea where to start when taking apart the car seats.  There were hidden hooks and snaps literally everywhere.  Once I started I knew, if I couldn’t remember where everything connected I was going to be in trouble.  Finally, I stripped the car seats down to the skeleton, and made it “Nakey” as the kids would say and they went into the washing machine.

Machine wash cold, drip dry… If you’re curious.

I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for a day or two so I didn’t rush to put the car seats back together.  BIG MISTAKE.

I did eventually find myself in a rush to get myself and toddlers out of the house, and remembered the car seats aren’t in the car..and they are Nakey.    If you can, picture me on the floor struggling past my pregnant belly reassembling car seat cushions that rival ikea furniture in way of complexity.   I was sweating.  Seriously, I’ve put furniture together that was easier. There were no instructions or dummy indicators for what connects to where. And all I could think about was, “I get to try this twice.” I did eventually get it together but it took. About 40 minutes?

Other than being outwitted by cushions and liners,  I love the car seats.
Graco Forever 1 Mom 0…

Until we meet again Graco…. And we will meet again.  

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