How I’m Surviving a Drop in Supply.  

Honestly no one could have ever convinced me that I would be talking about my breast as much as I do or breast in general before becoming a mother.  As it turns out Breast are really awesome, that is until they don’t work like you want them too; and by that I mean milk supply or mastitis or whatever your personal challenge is at this very moment.  
I want to pull out my collar and look down in my shirt and say “Get it together girls!” But in all honesty breast usually do what they are told to do. So then, what in the world is going on. Some of you readers may have seen my post of Instagram about a pumping crisis.  A State of breastmilk emergency!  I’m not even exaggerating. I try to pump a minimum of 3 times a day while I am away from the baby and at work.  There are days admittedly, where I may miss one. There has been that infrequent occasion where I decide to go home with fuller breast when the kids stay home with their dad, planning to pump after the baby is latched so I don’t empty with only a 10 minute commute between pumping time and reuniting with my baby. Or (LO) as the fancy internet mom jargon puts it.  

Anyway I have shot my self in the proverbial foot.  Or BOOB actually and I’m paying for it dearly.   I am pumping and latching and pumping and latching.  On Monday (yesterday) I woke up to having only 1 bottle in the stash to start the week.  And this means that milk would have to be delivered as I pump, to daycare.   Huge thanks to my partner for taking on the mission of delivering two bottles before the baby even noticed anything was out of wack. 

Monday’s pump crisis did trickle into today however.  But I wanted to write to show you that it’s not fixed yet but with perseverance it did get better.  A little. I still have to deliver milk to daycare today.  BUT, only one bottle needed to be delivered.   I will do that on my lunch break.  Please keep in mind proximity and having someone that is equally vested in your baby and breastfeeding is key to what is going on.  So what am I doing? 

Okay I’ll get right to it:
The first tool I employed is the NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump/saver it suctions to your breast and the milk drains on the side you aren’t breastfeeding on. Comes with a lid that of course I couldn’t get to work correctly, so I lost about an ounce.  I did not cry.. I wanted to tho, but the kids were looking at me. 

So every time I breastfed Jojo I did this.  I don’t know how moms with larger more curious babies manage, because mine kept popping off; but I managed to get SOME. Every drop counts 

I also would pump after his last bedtime feeding and then wake up an hour earlier after he’s dreamed nursed himself into a deep slumber only needing a little of his skin touching mine… like literally a toe! Because we bedshare/roomshare/cosleep (safely… I’ll explain another time for the judgmental glares that I’m probably getting). Anyhow as long as he knows I’m there he will not roll over reaching for me.  So I then grabbed my Freemie Equality and pump with the pump under the blanket. After that I hand express a bit.  

All this time I’m literally telling myself,  it’s okay, there are solutions, don’t sweat it, because studies show that stress does not help. In fact stress makes matters worse especially when coupled with ovulation and my menses. I promise I feel like I’m pumping powered milk.  But I know he is getting milk because of his output (pees and poops).  
I have banned myself from reading troublesome news and viewing anything upsetting so I’m confident I will be able to deliver 3 bottles per usual for day care tomorrow.  This experience makes me take the freedom I have to pump as needed more seriously especially when I need to combat dips in supply like this week and last week.  
Funny right in this moment I’m also beta testing the Willow pump that I have been raving about.  It’s been interesting…. 

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