I’m sure it’s happened to most of us, your kid is sick so you err on the side of caution, call the triage nurse or take them into the pediatrician only to be told it’s viral aka a cold and keep the kid comfortable with a humidifier and Motrin andRead More →

I finally faced one of my “fears” since becoming a mom. Traveling by airplane alone with my children. I’ve always admired how other mothers did this but … Oh my nerves. We flew out to Los Angeles, my husband was already there on business so it made sense to goRead More →

Honestly no one could have ever convinced me that I would be talking about my breast as much as I do or breast in general before becoming a mother.  As it turns out Breast are really awesome, that is until they don’t work like you want them too; and byRead More →

 As I type this post from all three children are in the living room with their dad. (Yes, their dad).   It’s been nice to have extra hands again.   I can’t begin to tell you the ways that the baby stage is different.. or my mothering is different, EverythingRead More →

We all know that the arrival of a baby in the family will mean frequent pediatrician visits, even if only for the well child visits to make sure the children are on “target”. I’ve also found that these visits tend to feel like parent teacher conferences and you’re the studentRead More →

New new new everything is new.  New baby, new job, new city, new house.  New Life.  Since deciding to take a break to focus on developing a routine. I have made slot of progress.  You may remember I mentioned Jojo had become jaundice,  not long after that he was admittedRead More →

I have been of the radar for a bit.  I finally delivered my little boy! We have had such an interesting week. From overcoming the aches and pains of delivery to overcoming jaundice and all the doctors visits that come with that.  We are well and are taking some timeRead More →

What?? Don’t make that face!! Though there is a running joke amongst many very busy moms about when to find the time to bathe, I OBVIOUSLY mean a BABY SHOWER…    I have had a lot on my mind over the past 9 Months, some parts of my previous pregnancy didRead More →