Breastfeeding and Technology 

“There has got to be an easier way!” Is a thought that frequently crosses my mind as I gather my tools and head to my special closet that has a lock on a door and an 11×17 sheet of paper covering the window that says in large letters “IN USE”.  The room has a shelves and a chair, and sometimes it’s cold in there, yet I find myself eternally grateful that I have a space only steps away from my desk which has zero privacy and I still pump there at times.  

Many mothers do not have it as easy as I do.  I see it every day in forums that I am a part of, women looking for a solution that will help them continue giving their baby breastmilk when they are separated from from their child without penalty.
Well I did some research and found some answers that I thought you would be interested in knowing about.  

  1. Alexa as a peer counselor? 

Yes apparently Medela has partnered with Amazon to give Alexa a skill.  If you are not familiar Alexa is a computer that you can talk to ask questions and purchase items by voice among many other things that I am not yet comfortable with.  But that’s just me… 

Apparently you can call out to Alexa for support on topics such as:

  • Breastmilk Storage 
  • Breastfeeding issues and 
  • Shield sizing 

If you own an Alexa all you have to do is download/ enable the free skill. Being backed by Medela makes it pretty truthworthy, yet the reviews leave much to be desired.  Alexa can’t tell you if your latch is correct.  But this is a step I the right direction. 
Medela also has a new pump called the Medela Sonata it is a 

  • Double-electric, daily-use breast pump: Designed for moms who pump several times a day
  • Smart connection to MyMedela app to streamlining tracking
  • Quiet for discretion in all situations
  • Hospital performance for consistent pumping sessions
  • Touch screen display and control illumination for easy operation 

This smart pump goes for $359.99 on Amazon. 

2.   Next in line is the Willow Pump 

This one may be a personal favorite as a Freemie user, I am no longer willing to part with my clothing in order to pump milk.  So any other pump that I use will have to meet this criteria.  Clothes Stay….  No Nakey! 

Willow definitely seems like a Step UP from a Freemie pump system as it not only is inserted in your bra… it is ……..(drum roll) Hands Free yes ladies I said it… You can pump and cook or pump and do your make up..   Pump while your dressing the kids for school.   Hands Free.. that is so exciting. 

Apparently it’s quiet enough to work with them in.  Willow is shaped a bit more like a tear drop. No flat surface like a Freemie cup so it is less detectable under your clothing.   Yay  

The storage bags are specific to this system and only have a 4oz capacity. 

I reached out to Willow because they are in BETA and only had a limited number of pumps that women had to apply to be apart of the program. Even with a price tag of $479.99 I had convinced myself that it was worth it.   But I got a rejection email saying they are out of product and now I’m on a waiting email list.   Go figure..   The pump connects to an app for tracking. 

3. The Naya Health System 

Now I am going to need you to sit down for this one. I nearly fell out of my seat when I read up on this pump.  The Naya system uses water to pump, well…… pump may not be the correct terminology.  The Naya Health system expresses milk using water technology.  I can’t explain it so here is a video. 

You can see that the system expresses for you attempting to mimic a baby latched onto the breast. 

This Naya Health System comes with a price.  It’s fancy so you have to part with $999.00 for this experience.   It does not meet the “no nakey” requirement, but it is rumored to express more milk than pumping. I’m not sure I will get the chance to experience this.   You may have to let me know if you get it.  This system also is a smart system that connects to a app even the Apple Watch. 
I should warn you none of the above systems are  covered by insurance so these conveniences come at a slight price.  But they get the job done. Put it on your registry! 

It is nice to know that the tech world is giving breastfeeding some consideration.  I don’t necessarily agree with the cost of these tools considering beastmilk is natural and life sustaining.  It would be nice if convenience was available to all mothers not just the ones with extra cash.    But it’s all a matter or personal preference. You may want to consider your level of dedication to pumping before you spend your money since breast pumps cannot be resold.   
Which pump would you choose?

PS: The Medela amazon link is an affiliate link. It won’t hurt you or charge you. It just takes traffic to amazon.  If u buy it I get rewarded a little at no cost to you.  

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