About Me

Welcome to SpiltMilk, a window into my little world. I am Coffee,  a  working mother (Engineering and Design) with twins and 1 year old baby the way. Thank you for joining me on my journey. Not only will you be able to peer into my world of what sometimes seems like controlled chaos, but I will  share with you all the tips and tricks I am learning along the way.

I am in support of healthy parenting. We sometimes put ourselves under great pressure with thinking that everything should be perfect. My life is not perfect, but I love it.

The twins, who I lovingly refer to as Mali and Squish born in 2013, and they have taught me everything I’ve learned about being a M.O.M. (Mother of Multiples).  The twins were born at 36 weeks, and I’ve had the pleasure of breastfeeding them  until they self weaned just after their 3rd birthday. My youngest has fallen right in line keeping me busy and on my toes.  I am an advocate of normalizing breastfeeding, and helping to equip families with the knowledge and support necessary to be successful in their journey.

I hope you laugh at me, relate to me, feel encourage and enlightened every time you visit our world.


Nothing is perfect, not even moms, and that is OKAY!