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I recently had to pleasure of working with www.thenotsohoitytoitylife.com as a guest to share my birth story of when I gave birth to my twins. While reliving the miracle of life with pregnancy #2 / Baby #3  it was interesting to see how things have changed for me in just under four years.  This time instead of a doctor and having no breastfeeding experience,  its a midwife a doula and some serious breastfeeding experience,  but we’ll talk more about that later.

Check the story out:

When I look back on giving birth to the twins I can only laugh, I had a healthy uneventful pregnancy but I was huge. All my weight was in my belly. I went to my doctor appointment where I was supposed to be scheduled for Induction, only to find out the doctors decided it wasn’t in our best interest and to let labor begin naturally.  I was devastated! I couldn’t move very well, the lack of sleep, and pain in my hips, I was OVER IT! 

I came back to my parents house, where I had been staying, to get ready for dinner and I laid on the floor and said….. read more


Home from the Hospital
Home from the Hospital

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