Life as a M.O.M.

Women deliver babies, Not Doctors!

Since accepting my role as a birth professional, I have begun to take the subject of birth, and life even more seriously than before. Learning that the United States has THE WORST Maternal Mortality Rate in developed countries at 26% and rising which equals 700 woman dying per year, and

Mothers Milk

Fenugreek and Milk Supply What is it? Should you use it.

In a recent online thread I noticed many mothers providing loving support to a mother in need of it. When a mother mentions what seems to be a drop in supply, many women will rally around her with countless well meaning remedies. It is important to be sure that when

Hacks & Tricks

All Natural Skin and Hair Care IG Deetz

So it seems my Instagram Post caused a bit of interest in the natural skin care products that I use for myself and the babies. So instead of answering the question a few times over in my DM’s and in comments. I thought it may be easier to quickly give all

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